He Is…

And this is where I get stuck. I don’t know the adjective. I cannot describe it. It sucks; I know. I am guessing you know too…

Someone told me yesterday something about comfort zones, and how their size differs, and how people aren’t supposed to invade other people’s zones. Am I invading his? Does he want that?

How weird is he being around me? It all happened in a second or two. As much as that moment held weakness and ultimate surrendering to what was going on, as much as I need strength to make it through without him. Upon his request.

But how come? Wasn’t he at all attentive? Didn’t he think

I will never, ever, understand men. Some men tell me it’s all in simplicity. Others tell me they are all complicated. Who do I believe? What is the universal code?

– Yikes –


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