22 Phrases Only You Smart@$$ Can Decode.

What if curtains talked? How would it feel today? Would they say “I never wanted you?”

Look on the bright side though, you and me, on a slow flight. I could tell you one hundred realities. And then describe to you the snow drift love I feel everyday.

All you want to do is run. I kept you off my mind, but then some Jasmine came along. I tried to distract you, and tell you something about us. You never listened. You said I am somebody that you used to know. You ended everything and moved forward. And now, with spirits high enough to touch clouds, I make loose changes. I write articles with unknown titles, hoping you’d feel it all.

What’s your idea of happiness? Is it sipping espresso down Cafe De Flore? Handing me out a white flower and walking down Champs Elysee? Calling the white flower “fleure blanche,” walking hand in hand.

That is how you let love rule, with some justice, and a remix. In 22 smart phrases only you will understand.



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