Quoting Quotable Quotes

  • This has screwed my head up in ways that have ruined every single word of love I will ever hear again in my life. This has ruined truths, and promises, no matter where they come from.
  • I’m easy to lie to, because I can find the good in anyone.
  • Sober up. Grow up. Shut up.
  • Living to reach to top of a pedestal that doesn’t exist makes me feel crazy. 
  • I just want someone to pick up the phone and throw me a lifeline.
  • First you should ask yourself if you really want him back, or if you are just scared of being alone. There is a big difference.
  • Then stop posting tweets about how sad you are, and follow these steps and if it was meant to be, your guy will be right back beside you very soon.
  • If you are not there yet, make sure you are looking for awesome people who deserve to be loved by a friend like you.
Sometimes, when you read too much quotes (or too little, it still happens) you tend to think which ones apply to your life, and which ones don’t.
Not one quote have I read that I couldn’t relate to my life. And this is why I don’t pretend I know more than you think I do. It is a fact: I know more than you think I do.
Now deal with it.


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