To Confess or not to Confess!

I don’t seem to be able to explain this one particular feeling that invades my guts every once in a while. And trust me, those “once in a while” instances are repetitive. And frequent.

I wish I could just burst and say it all. Or just write it down to everyone who should know it.

Sometimes, guts fail.

Have you tried listening to The Last Man from the soundtrack of The Fountain?

It gives me goosebumps. I like it so much, but puts me into that very relaxed state of mind. So relaxed that I start thinking of things that worry me.

I wouldn’t want you to be in that state. But try listening to it. The cello starts on 1:03. Don’t think it’s creepy, it’s nice.

I also wish I can paste post-its on people’s foreheads whenever I had something to tell them. Talking to humans isn’t particularly an easy task, no matter how good of a public speaker you are, or how confident of a character you possess.

Let’s keep the secret right now, I’ll choose not to confess…


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