I haven’t written for so long, it almost aches to be less expressive than before.

It’s all because of work, I have been mentally occupied for the past month with more than 400 entrepreneurs-to-be who applied to the 2012 Seeqnce Accelerator Program. 74 have reached the semi-finals. Those 74 are the cofounders of 16 amazing startups to be pitched on August 25 in what will be a disrupt like no other, a party like no other, and an atmosphere like no other.

We’ve been prepping the roof for them, we’ve hosted two parties already for them, and their finale will be up there as well. They are developers, designers and business people, mostly from Lebanon, with only a few from Romania and London and India. Each and every one of them has a unique personality and character, each one of them reacts differently, types differently and expresses differently. 74 different personalities, all about to work on ONE dream: A startup. All of them will be building a prototype, designing its interface, and selling it in exactly one month from today.

As I write this, I am listening to Creep. Radiohead is the favorite band of one of the applicants, who I find special enough. It might be because I observed him closely more than I have observed others, but when I look at him, I see, yes see the passion in his eyes. He knows what he is doing, what he is designing, how his mouse is moving across his screen, how his fingers are clicking. This man is special. Another two favorites for me are two developers on the same team. They have that charismatic character, one of them is an extrovert, the other is in between, with a childish smile. Another one is also a girl who wants to make a video game for girls. She is rather calm and listens more than she talks, I love her though. Another guy is also awesome, I love his hat! Every one of them has something special.

I don’t know, it’s odd how you build those connections instantly. I never imagined loving a group that much. Now thinking that I have only a month left with half of them makes me sad. I got used to them, and it’s gonna be worse this coming, when they sit through the hackathon, 48-hours, at our place…

A particular applicant wants to change the world. He can, he will. And I want to watch him do that. He is giving away everything for this, and as much as he is scared shitless, so am I. Imagine leaving everything behind because you believe in your dream. Literally everything…

And that’s the only way your dream comes true.


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