Why were you there?
Why wasn’t she there for you?

Why did you glance?
Why wasn’t anyone else glancing at you?

Why has time passed quickly?
Why didn’t everything pause for a second and wait?

Why aren’t the questions below going to start with “why” as well?

What happened that night you were working?
Who knows other than you and I?
How did you not notice?
Where was your heart?

I haven’t been approaching. Or running away.
I read one sentence today that crushed a lot of those bricks I’ve built.
I didn’t intend to let it get to me, but it just happened.
Usually, when I’m upset, I rush to someone I love or trust.
Tonight, I realized I don’t have anyone I love or trust. Of course I have my two bros, my brother, my sisters and mom. But it didn’t occur to me that I should talk to them. Because I know it’s not people like them who I wish to run into.
I love arms. Especially when I want to sob.
Sob, weep, whine, whatever…
I never choose random people to hug or stay close to. I might be crazy or extra sensitive or with some OCD, but a hug is very precious to me; I don’t like giving it away to anyone just like that.

You know? Some people say it’s not morally correct to expose yourself on your blog, or on your twitter account, or facebook wall.
I say everything has its own medium. And you choose that. Whether you want to tweet only about news and post your personal life on your wall and blog about your career, or tweet about your career, post news on your wall and blog about news, it’s your choice.

I choose to mix and match, but personal life never goes on facebook.

Enough talking, huh?



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