good morning coffee bean.

Another day on the same desk.

A new journey begins today. Yesterday the directors were plotting and planning the coming 6 months that start on September 24.

They’re in for a ride they won’t forget. I only want to see their faces in the middle of the hassle, trying to manage their time, preparing for their alpha and beta releases, asking each other, consulting everyone around them.

It should be amazing.

On a rather more personal note, I have been seriously rethinking some matters. There are habits I need to get rid of, and other habits I need to acquire.

We had a very interesting conversation last night, Ash, Jay, Kay and I. We were out in a very cool lounge in the area, and we were discussing “us.” It’s not the first time we do that, and we always come up with amazing conclusions without knowing.

Too much information for a morning cup? Have a nice day!



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