It was one of the days I tried to test my patience and my friendliness.
I finally met the person I’ve been wanting to meet for a – give or take – good period of my life.
There are 3 problems.
1. He is not aware of how much fun he is.
We walked and talked and joked and everything. He was so charming.
2. He is not yet over his past.
Even if he brings up the topic, he is the one to bail out. He thinks I really care how many girls he has dated, what he has done and what he has not yet done. No, I am not shallow.
3. He is not as stable as me.
This is not bad. Not everyone seeks stability. Only those who want to get married and are looking for it. And last time I checked, I only want to be friends with people.

I wish he would see the goods in him. He is not an asshole, he is charming.

Cross your fingers, for him,



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