time to write. again.

It’s very weird how the sequence goes.

I am programmed to have those emotions one by one, every morning.

My mornings are lonely these days. I get to the office at 7:25, open up for the janitor, make my tea (I’m off coffee for a while) and start my cyber interactions with the outside world.

I open google chrome, and those are my tabs in order:

  1. Gmail for seeqnce email
  2. TweetDeck
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook
  5. TechCrunch
  6. Ex.fm/LaraZok
  7. Cool Daily Infographics
  8. WIRED
  9. Stumble Upon
  10. Branding Magazine
  11. Spencer Fry
  12. Lalou’s blog
  13. Keltie’s blog
  14. The Inquirer 
I have to open my gmail as well because I use it to write AJ emails from. Sometimes I don’t open up another browser, I use my tablet. Other times, the work load is heavy, so I cannot switch between laptop and tablet.

Any other “variable” tab that is extra special will be depending on my mood or on that morning.

A daily ritual is saying good morning to Kay and Ash on bbm group Bros4Life, good morning to Lou in a Facebook message, good morning to my brother in an email, good morning to AJ on whatsapp and then an email with a special attachment or link, followed by a few hours of waiting for him to wake up and reply, but that’s besides the point.

This morning, my brother and I were having a SM discussion. It was about twitter, he needed a few baby steps of guidance, something I know about as part of my job. The discussion was nice, he benefited and I had fun teaching him the few things I know.

This morning was calm. I’m grateful, always. I might not wake up tomorrow, who knows?



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