i have no idea.

It has been a relatively calm week.
I had tons of work, I took over a new responsibility, something I don’t feel confident I will be able to deliver and/or achieve. It’s hard. When you should be the one managing everything around you, in the space you live, work breathe in, you sometimes get to a point whereby you feel lost. I do. I did, you might not.
I fled to the summer house to relax, and found this issue haunting me.
I’m the person who does NOT talk when bothered, especially if the topic is work related, I don’t say anything. I keep it in, though God knows how much it bothers. But that’s just how I am.
So things are piling up. I’m finding more new possibilities and things that can be done, and its very hard to choose which ones you can implement, or maybe have to implement.
I’m stuck.
It’s that week of my life during which I assess everything.
People I’m around, articles I’m reading, books I’m flipping, pages I’m browsing, channels I’m watching places I’m going to, buttons I’m clicking, positions I’m taking, chances I’m missing… everything…
Am I messing up? I have no idea.
Am I doing the right thing? I have no idea.


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