vroom vroom

I get goosebumps and remember how it all began between us when I hear the rhythm of this song.

I still don’t know why, given that it is newer in the market than us.

I don’t even know what happened.

And this thing that happened, I cannot remember when it did.

It was so strange I cannot go back and list the events in chronological order.

The office is rather calm today. I had a good load in the morning, but now it’s calmer, reading, researching and thinking. The only bothering thing is that the carpenter is here and he is installing some wooden bars, so there’s sawing and drilling from time to time. It was AJ’s first lab instructing day today as well. I heard he broke a leg and it was good.

I am not sleeping well these days, I’m waking up a few moment before my alarm goes on, it’s taking me too long to fall asleep, I wake up several times at night… Meh…

I finally got a new phone yesterday. I was planning on saving money somehow, but I have no idea how that will happen now that I am discovering expenses I forgot I had!



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