i finally know what’s wrong with me

I’m different.
Yes this is it.
No one believes me, even though I don’t lie.
No one believes that I do all what I do without wanting anything in return.
No one believes that I would fight for them.
No one believes I get rewarded so little in life.
No one believes I see the good in people. Only.
I’m not the same.
And even the closest people to me, the only ones I am trying to spend time convincing, are not believing me.
Forgive me God, for this is my sin, I chose to stand out in a world everyone is the same in.
Forgive me for thinking I could prove to everyone there is honesty.
Forgive me not for doubting them, for they have all never exceeded my expectations.
Not because my standards are high. No. I’d settle for the lowest if they believe me.
But because they don’t make an effort in proving to themselves they, too, can be different. What is it that makes me? I’m but a soul in mold and a body created.
For now the thunder above me, and the earth beneath my feet, trust me more than my shadow, and doubt me less than my mind.
I am different.
Please believe me.


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