how different being in love is.

[Listen to this as you read]

Everyone has an impact on your life. Directly or indirectly; whether you like it or you don’t, consciously or subconsciously.

I learn from him. Everyday. I learn from Mom. Everyday. I learn from my brother and sisters, from my colleagues, from the people around me, how they behave, what they say, how they react and interact. It’s amazing!

AJ taught me to listen. Trust me, I was the worst listener in history, especially when cornered and at fault. I always defended and forgot that the person in front of me had an opinion to give, a sentence to state or a fact to impose, if needed. I forgot that there were morals, that I should respect everyone and listen, lose the judgement when not needed. He taught me to remember those when in a quarrel or discussion. Even if I am right, I should listen. When someone is faulty, they will know and they will admit, it is a matter of time only. It can happen instantly, and it can take years. But those who are at fault know they are, just the way those who are right know they are.

AJ taught me to prioritize. It is an art, not everyone is good at it, and it is one of the most delicate and relative things on the planet. “Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects,” and it’s true. Don’t call me an ignorant if I don’t call you when calling you is not my priority. I won’t call you an ignorant if you didn’t. I would, only if you told me it were and then didn’t call. Only then I am right and you are faulty.

AJ taught me to read. It isn’t just a hobby, it gives you the chance to expand and stretch your horizons. How many things have you learned by reading? Make it a habit and you will benefit. Mark the words, underline what you think is interesting, put sticky-notes on pages, flip delicately and immerse yourself in the words, don’t just spell them, we all know how to spell, this is how you are reading this blogpost!

AJ taught me to connect. There are dots everywhere around us, the biggest ones in my opinion are in music. There is no song that doesn’t express your feelings, and no rhythm that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat. You can relate to anything, but you have to know how to relate. You cannot just “link” things, it doesn’t work this way. You have to zoom out, step out of the frame, lose the judgement, breathe in, relax, and then connect. Tell yourself that you need to find the link and you will. If you just think and let your thoughts loose, you will find one hundred links and your mind will choose consciously the one it prefers. Think.

I taught AJ that I can be me, I can be strong at all times, and fight alone. I taught him the importance of having a female in his life, the joy she brings and the sensuality she adds. It’s not because we are together that I say that, but I know that I am not better off without him, as much as he is not better off without me. His addition to my life is as necessary as my addition to his.

I know the meaning of complementary. We took it in geometry. Angles are complementary when their sum, together, is a straight line. Him and I are complementary, our combination makes our life straight and our direction focused. His input is as important as mine, his contribution, feelings, words, pieces of advice, plans, clumsiness and all. They all make a better us because in the end, this is what we are looking for. I am not okay without him.

In the end it’s gonna be okay.
If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.


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