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I woke up to see this today, though I have to admit I hadn’t seen it yesterday when AJ tweeted it… I am surprised he liked it, he doesn’t usually express much when he sees ‘romantic’ things, he is of the I’m-hiding-my-feelings-right-now-but-you-are-such-an-adorable-girl kinda guy.

So what’s on my mind today?

Christmas is 20 days away, I am thinking non-stop about all the gifts I have to get, it’s quite confusing.

And now, I am coughing.

I went to the doctor’s clinic this morning, apparently I have an ear inflammation, for which I started taking an antibiotic, and a sore throat, for which I am taking a cough syrup, that, needless to say, makes you sleepy most of the time.

It’s quite cold in Beirut now, relatively colder than the previous days. My sickness isn’t helping me feel less cold either, so it’s like a freezer in here.

The weekend’s contribution to my sickness was pretty generous.

Saturday night was epic UNO night:

UNO and pizza, of course (and there goes my diet, thank you!).

Sunday was pretty interesting. I got to see AJ after quite some time, I had missed him, and that sparkle in his eyes when he smiles, epic…

So yeah, I was at a coffee shop reading, he dropped by to say hello, and all of a sudden the plan transformed into us going together to his place up up up and away!

We left Beirut, the weather was nice, cold but sunny. I watched him work and feed the baby cells in the lab, it was rather too cute to handle, especially with him explaining all about them, what they eat, what the purpose of the experiment is, etc etc…

Spending time with him makes me realize how precious those minutes are. I don’t get to see him much during the week, we live far apart, I work, he studies and works, it’s hectic and most of the times our sleeping routines are so different it bothers to be asleep when he is awake and awake when he is asleep.

He is doing a great job as a boyfriend though, and this is what matters at the end of the day…



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