a Monday

Good morning Beirut.

I’ve been waking up calmly for a week, but now that PMS is kicking in, I am not very happy. It’s so hard coping with your body changes when your hormones are controlling everything, even how much you eat, what you feel, what you intend to say et al.

Last week was hectic. I haven’t seen AJ but I spent a good time in Mayfadoon with the family. The weather wasn’t rainy, but it was freezing.

Friday night was also calm, I took a long walk down Hamra; I just needed some time alone to think, it’s so chaotic around me I don’t even have the capability to isolate myself and think a little bit. It was raining:

Tomorrow, weather forecasts say it’s going to rain, temperatures are gonna drop and it will be windy.

Last night I went out with Steph for a while, I always end up feeling better because she is the only one who asks me how work is, and to whom I can really tell how work is. She knows it all. She always asks how AJ and I are doing, I honestly find that sweet of her.

Today is Human Rights Day. I still have no idea what the basic human rights are. Actually I do, and I am in denial, maybe because I am surrounded by people of my country who are deprived of them, or maybe because the entire Arab region lacks them.

On a rather happier note, I updated my music playlist.



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