a boyfriend from fame-land

No one does it better than colleagues, that’s for sure!

Everyone is telling me ‘wow you look so nice! Are you going out with AJ tonight?’ and the irony is, AJ and I will not be meeting tonight.

I got teased for the dash of make-up, for the pink sweater and the boots, for the trendy jeans and the long black jacket. When I’m teased I blush, so I got teased for blushing, too.

It feels nice to be surrounded by people who know who your boyfriend is, and how much you love him. They know who he is, what he’s like, what he does, how amazing and achieving he is. They know how proud I am of having him, and how worshiping I am of our relationship.

What they don’t know, is what we are like together.

Below is a glimpse.

We fight, over the silliest things in life. But that’s rarely. Our major fights are usually about wrong reactions done.

We go out. But that’s rarely. We meet during weekends because we are usually separated by 80 kilometers from Monday to Friday.

We make-up for fights easily. But that’s rarely. Usually we indulge in a thirty-minute fight after which the one at fault starts trying to admit he’s wrong and act all sweet and adorable around the other. The latter is usually very stubborn and doesn’t get it all straightened up easily.

We enjoy each others’ company. But that’s rarely. We both like being alone. The only difference in our personalities is that he disappears for a while, during which I am supposed to be understanding of his need. I, on the other hand, find my solitude with him. I can only be alone when I feel safe. And I can rarely feel safe anywhere but with him. Even if each of us is doing his own thing, but the fact that we are seated together changes a lot in me.

He is famous in my surrounding. They all like him without even having met him yet. They all think we get along very well.

That’s how well I represent us.

And that is how my boyfriend is from fame-land.



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