here we go again



A year of many surprises so far.

The best was meeting a very amazing guy, let’s call him T.

T and I are alike in several ways, we gossip in the same manner, we even see the same faults in a person. We also stay silent.

You know that probably the only time I have expressed my explicit opinion this year was last week when one of my friends, to be called H for now, about a girl who went to university with me.

This girl, oh my goodness, I seriously don’t like her. Not because she is a hippie, nor because she used to date my close friend and hurt him real bad. There’s something in her that I wish hadn’t existed, it’s the thing that prevents me from liking her, or better yet, tolerating her and her vibes around me. Maybe it’s me, maybe she really is intolerable. No idea. And I don’t think I care, she isn’t affecting my life in any sort of way.

Right now, as I write, this is playing in the background.

It’s a mess in my mind. Like a big box of pictures and rants, and nowhere to let them out.


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