23 things about me. yes, me.

Okay so I’ve been trying to, now that I actually have time, think about myself, what I like, what I don’t, what weird habits I have, what I lack, what I excel at, etc etc… Here’s what I got down to:

  1. I love cheerios. I rarely focus on what food I love, and I can rarely answer a “what’s your favorite restaurant” question. I am convinced that I love معكرونة بلبن and if you don’t, I will find you weird. مغربيه is my second favorite, and كوسا makes it to third. But aside from those, Cheerios works perfectly with a glass of milk.
  2. I rarely wear plain socks. Stripes are my favorite, polka dots come in next, animals, figures and drawings are fine. But no plain colors, especially not white. I never mind receiving socks for Christmas, it has happened for three years in a row, so I would never be disgusted if you ever get me a nice pair.
  3. I don’t like anyone playing with my hair. Not because I would be wondering all the time if their hands are clean or not, it’s just that I don’t like it or think it’s cute. I rather think it’s repulsive.
  4. I don’t mind listening to any artist as long as the music is good. This does mean that I have a few One Direction and Justin Bieber songs lined up in my playlist. Don’t die, they aren’t bad.
  5. I hate the sound of fingers pounding against a keyboard. This is mainly the reason I always listen to music when my laptop is on, or when I am sitting in some cafe with someone typing close to me.
  6. I fell in love with Rome from the first visit. That was back in the summer of 2007, and I would go there repeatedly if I afforded it. Rome is the main destination whenever I think of saving some cash for a vacation abroad. (Let’s assume I am employed. Good.)
  7. I always repeat the song I love a minimum of two times in a row. If you are in a car with me, you might not like it, and will ask me to change it. I might not. Please don’t feel insulted or fight me for it. Listen to the lyrics with me and you will understand why I am repeating it.
  8. I still don’t understand the iPhone obsession. I understand the phone, its look and feel, its OS and its apps. I just don’t understand why people make it seem so “addictive” to own one model after the other, drooling and throwing an orgasmic to the whole topic. iPhones are nice yes, but some things deserve more attention in your life. Your children maybe? Or a new hobby. Yes that would be nice.
  9. I don’t get along well with any boyfriend not into football. Not because I stand out and love football (yes I am a girl). It is not that uncommon anymore for girls to love football. But I, in particular, am biased when it comes to it. Take me to watch any game with you, Zambia vs Trinidad and Tobago, I would go and be more than glad. Don’t ditch watching your favorite team’s football game to talk to me, because I would never do that to you. Juve comes first, even if I loved you.
  10. My idea of a (successful) first date: A public library with a coffee-sipping area in its garden. I don’t know how you will make that happen, but you’d better work hard on that one. I love books, and if you had to whisper to me, that would be better! Choose a book about world facts or football history and you own my heart. Sit beside me, read and share information, giggle with me, and then I’d drag you out to have a coffee.
  11. Never drive fast when I am in the car with you. If the road is clearly empty, I might not mind you going 120 kmph, but if we were surrounded by cars and you idiotically start speeding around and between them, I will not like you. Forever. And wear a seat belt for heck’s sake.
  12. It’s true that I love drawing, but I will not allow you to drag me to any art exhibition against my will. Marching into a room full of paintings bores the hell out of me. And I cannot fake my understanding of a painting, or whether it’s abstract or whatever…
  13. I can read Marvel comics till the break of dawn. I have never done it, but I know I just can. Don’t wonder how I am so sure. Haven’t you ever said I can bungee jump, even though you haven’t before? Marvel till dawn is my bungee jump.
  14. I do blush. If you usually hang out with me, you would think that I don’t. That’s why this bullet point is essential. You think you know me, but you really don’t. I never reveal my full self to anyone, not even to the closest people to me. This doesn’t mean that in relationships with people I don’t give from my heart or don’t fully indulge myself. I do. But I know a day will come when you will leave me. So, better not crash rock bottom. To save myself a massive heartbreak, I don’t reveal my full self. So yes, I blush. Compliment me, and see for yourself.
  15. I don’t like to be thought of as a spoiled girl. I am not. It’s true that at many times I am irresponsible (I haven’t gotten a job yet!) but truth is, I am not spoiled at all. I don’t take money from my parents, I don’t ask them for money to get things I want, I am never in debt, I manage my money well. This is regarding financials. As for other things, yes my room is a total mess, but my mind is organized almost alphabetically, and every person is a “folder” that I choose to open or not, and choose what files to drag into. I like to be pampered sometimes, yes.
  16. I hate feeling cold. It doesn’t bring joy to my heart, it makes my bones ache, and it makes me wish I were IN a chimney. Why not just avoid the cold? I am never comfortable anywhere if my hands are cold, or my feet. I have to be warm to feel comfortable enough to speak, listen, read or anything else that requires my minimal attention.
  17. I love well-raised kids. No one likes spoiled kids anyway, and I don’t have to show your kids any extra care or fake my love to them if I saw they were spoiled. A day will come when you will meet my children, and you will find them weirdly polite.
  18. The only way to know whether I like you or not, be you a girl or guy, is to notice how much I talk to you. If I barely do and my answers are short, sorry but you’re not my type. I never feel the urge, or need, out of politeness or whatever, to keep an ongoing conversation with someone who appears to be a waste of my time, or someone I feel neutral for. If you’re not interesting enough for me to be your friend, I will never talk to you much. Don’t play the “you never ask about me” card. Yes, I don’t like you or like being around you, that’s why I never ask about you and can survive without you obviously!
  19. I hate it when people think I am sarcastic. This is not sarcasm, this is classy sense of humor, or pure honesty. Please differentiate well. I never make fun of anyone. I am either joking, or just being blunt.
  20. My odd criteria for liking a guy are only six: epic respectful sense of humor, skinniness, nice smile, nice fingers, nice shoes, nice hair. If you have all six, I will hunt you down and hit on you. Piano is a plus. Please note that all the listed requirements are to be considered only if the person possesses a good-enough IQ. IQ first, basics.
  21. I am not a limited person when it comes to the L word. I don’t feel true love for several living beings at once, but I do remind my friends or the people dear to my heart that I love them. Next time you hear or read me say I love you, please don’t panic. And if you tell me I love you too, I won’t panic either. On the contrary. I respect people who aren’t limited when it comes to this sentence, even though I am against repeating it to an opposite sex friend everyday. Things change, and shut up because I know better.
  22. I love questions. I will answer all what you ask me if it were relevant and polite and isn’t aimed at judging me or generalizing something about females. I will ask you a lot of questions though only if I love you. I have a very dear friend to whom all my questions are going to lately. I told him a few hours ago that I love him as much as I love sticky notes, meaning almost the size of Guinness book. I lied. I love him and sticky notes much more, but I know he would panic if I were to be honest. Remember #21?
  23. This is my favorite number. I don’t like assumptions, or those who assume. Just because I am a religious person’s friend doesn’t mean I am, too. And just because half of my friends are alcoholics, doesn’t mean I am, too. Just because you see me in a coffee shop alone with a book doesn’t mean I am single. Just because you see me with the same guy three times doesn’t mean he is my boyfriend. If you see the tattoo on my lower back, don’t assume I am a naughty girl. etc etc… Never assume things about me. Ask me anything, I will always answer. Remember #22?

I am more fun than I appeared to be in this blog post. Oops!


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