the new 23

One post ago, I wrote 23 things about me. Tonight I write another 23, all of them deeply thought of due to unemployment and excessive consumption of coffee.

  1. I love coffee. The taste. That’s it, the end.
  2. My mom and I wear the same ring. I am someone who’s attached to life. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I love the fact that I love that I am alive. My mom is one of the few people I wish were eternal. We wear the same ring for no reason, we haven’t even talked about it. We just have two rings that are the same, one of them is for her, and she gave me the second.
  3. I am in love with numbers. License plates, phone numbers, anything! I always try to make a pattern for the three sets of two numbers that make up a license plate. I always try to formulate an equation that equals zero from number of tweets, number of followers, number of following and number of favorites for a certain person. I always play around with numbers, and I memorize a great deal of them.
  4. I am a smoker. A habit I have developed in 2008, and am hoping to get rid of very soon. Some guys think it’s a turn off. Some girls love men who smoke. I am neutral about it, to be honest. I don’t force my friends to sit in a smoking area for my sake, but if we did sit there, I’d smoke. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind going to the smoking area and sitting in a smoke-free zone. But yes, I am a smoker.
  5. My color is yellow. I think everything looks better in yellow. Mugs, socks, books, shoes, pencils, phone covers… It happens to bring out the best in me. I don’t wear yellow tops though.
    Here’s a secret: Whenever you look at me, there is a yellow visible item on me. Ring, necklace, earrings, socks, shoelaces, watch, bag, scarf… There has to be ONE item that;s yellow.
  6. I love saving money. I don’t always excel at it, but I love pushing myself a bit for something I want. I don’t like knowing that I can afford everything. I can’t. But if I could, I wouldn’t like knowing it.
  7. I hate phone batteries. I cannot understand why hasn’t anyone invented a phone with a battery that rarely dies, like once a week or something! It is very dangerous to be out there stranded somewhere, with a flat tire, and a dead battery. You cannot do anything if your battery is dead. I cannot even think straight if my line is switched off!
  8. Sticky notes are special. I don’t know why, but I love sticky notes a lot. Post-its, tag-its, sticky notes, call them whatever you want to call them, I love them and have a good number of them scattered all around, with 2 right below my wrist, stuck in the laptop. I usually use sticky-notes to write questions that pop into my mind, so that I’d ask them to one of my favorite people when I see them. I also have 2 stuck in my wallet, and 1 in the pocket of my jacket. You would make my day if you stick one for me somewhere. I had that habit of posting sticky notes to the desks of all of my colleagues once a week, something that said good morning you are special, you know, a little note to brighten their day!
  9. My dad passed away in 2006. I don’t know why I wrote this. Maybe because today I tweeted twice about my dad, one of them directly mentioning him, and the second relating to the first but not mentioning him. I have to admit got a harsh reply from someone who was just having fun. I didn’t mind it much, but he felt guilty enough to send me a private message and apologizing again. Humor should have limits.
  10. I stream music from an Italian radio station. Actually two. Radio Kiss Kiss Italia, and Latte Miele. I haven’t heard of any other Lebanese citizen who does that. I find it weird myself, but it’s always nice to listen to foreign music. I stream daily. It puts me in a good mood.
  11. I watch football because I like watching football. I have never done it to impress anyone. I know I wrote about it in bullet number 9 in the older post, but I didn’t write my own experience with this issue. I love football because it is a very attractive game. My team is Juventus. I might cheer for Man United, Real Madrid or Inter Milan. But other than those, I highly doubt I would cheer. I would react, of course, this is football!
  12. I can be lazier than a sloth. I have been unemployed for 52 days, and I still haven’t gotten the urge to properly search for a job.
  13. Please don’t become my friend when you are depressed and feeling miserable. As much as I would love to listen, I cannot fake interest for long. Don’t drag me with you, don’t talk endlessly about yourself, don’t be sad over bullshit that you will regret later on. Please spare me your blackness.
  14. I find avocados overrated. What’s with everyone eating them? They taste weird. How can you trust something that can be eaten with lemon and oil AND with honey? It’s double-faced!
  15. I don’t eat fruits. I don’t like them. They smell like happiness or something, and they taste like rainbows. I don’t like them. Maybe mangoes are the only ones I find normal, but beyond that, nope.
  16. I feel nauseous when someone says the word strawberry in French, the one that starts with F. The fruit in itself disgusts me, the points on it give me goosebumps. I cannot imagine myself crushing them between my teeth, Okay enough, thank you.
  17. Vegetables are too mainstream. There should be new ingredients to 2013 salads. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato… Very mainstream. I can survive on mushrooms, carrots and coffee for a month.
  18. I’m not the type of girl you would want to hear all the time. I say very random things, though I am relatively cool to hang out with. I am not annoying, I don’t interrupt people, I don’t force my opinion through your ears, I don’t argue loudly or spit in your drink. The only thing I might do and you might find annoying is smoking. Other than that, if you’re fine with random things, you won’t be bored much when around me.
  19. I hate talking about viral videos. It is never my topic of interest, so please don’t analyze Gangnam Style or the Harlem Shake with me. I am not interested at all.
  20. I don’t drink water. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t feel thirsty. I rarely do, and when I do, I usually have an iced coffee or something similar.
  21. I don’t like chocolate in a girly way. It doesn’t mean much to me. Cake probably does, but I don’t drool over Cadbury products or crave Galaxy bars. I am fine with carrots. I swear.
  22. A lot of people misjudge me before they meet me. I still haven’t found out why, maybe I seem more rude and a show-off in the online world. But you know what makes me feel better? There are almost 10 girls I can instantly think of, who are very sweet in the online world, and are first class bitches with a rude attitude in real life. Voila!
  23. I love to write a lot. And this won’t be the last post about myself. It is going to be the last one with bullet points.

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