it’s a trap

We never chose to grow up, it happens whether we like it or we don’t, and we often read that it is a trap to grow up, and that staying young is awesome.

Is it?

We don’t choose to grow up because time elapses and time cannot be controlled. But not every grown up is mature.

Maturity has another definition. A totally different one. But I am not one who knows it. I read about it, I see people who fit in its category, but I don’t know the exact definition. Let me tell you what has been going on lately, and please don’t mind the her and him, I don’t like to mention names anyway because it is irrelevant. Several ‘he’s might be about the same person, but I don’t want to build any links so that people won’t guess everything entirely. There are some instances you will never guess, unless you are that person. All I want to show you is how my days are, and how few my encounters with maturity are.

He is not a close friend of mine. He is a friend. Someone I have seen a couple of times in my life, and whom I know a great deal of things about from many people. He doesn’t know I know that much. No one does, because I simply haven’t told them. I know his online love story with a Lebanese chick, and the complications he faced when his friend, and at that time her boyfriend, knew. Was she and her boyfriend mature? I don’t know, I highly doubt. Was he mature? I have no idea. Is he mature now? No.

He is not a close friend of mine either, I have seen him five times in my entire life. He has been the spotlight for a certain period of time, after which he has disappeared, taking with him all pieces of evidence of his existence. Story goes he has created some fiasco and thought he was able to run away with it, maybe some social media campaign to become famous. Not my concern, I swear. But is he mature? I don’t think so.

She is not a close friend of mine. She was my friend once though. We shared a few secrets and the like. She is not very close friends with a guy I no longer talk to, a guy I had clearly explained to her how much he hurt me. She hasn’t even confronted me with her friendship. Is she mature? I don’t think so.

He is my brother (one of the A-L-K trio). He has a very picky personality, he isn’t easy to deal with in person, though very easy on a general scale. He has gaps, we all do. He is trying. Hard. I can see it, I have known him long enough. To me, yes, he is mature. For trying. This qualifies.

He is someone I fail to describe my relation to. I don’t love him in any weird sense. I love him. With all the honest feathers that you spot flying around, I do. He understands everything, and anything, and is there, always. Not in a Superman format. But his availability and his speed, are amazing. He knows it all, he has the answers to all my questions. If you knew what I know about him, you might not consider him mature, he does appear to be the one who wants to have fun, only, and speak some politics. But you don’t have my eyes. To me, he is, mature. 

He is a man my age. He cannot express as good as I can, and he almost always messes up the endings of his sentences. He is a thinker, and an observer, a silent guy with two ears put to perfect use. He has spent a great deal of his life reading, so you can safely assume he is mature. A debate well earned is an enjoyable experience with him. Extremely polite, with a massive use of “sorry” and “thank you” daily. To me, this gentleman, is mature.

She is a close friend of mine. She has never failed to listen to me. She is in another country. She doesn’t comment when I talk, which is by the way what I mostly despise in people, the fact that they comment while someone is talking. She lets me talk and rant, and then states her sharp and very straight-forward opinion about the topic, making a clean closure that makes both of us feel better. She is mature.

He is younger than me. More than three years younger. He has a golden heart, and he is way too advanced for his age, on an emotional scale. The correct phrase might be: he is emotionally mature, but that would mean also that he is settled and stable, and I didn’t mean it in that sense. I meant his precision is stable. He, to me, is, mature.

There are many people I don’t know a glimpse about their level of maturity, and many others that I do know about but cannot write much.

Is it even right to write that much?


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