it shocks me

Day after day, I get ever more amazed with how much people can play each other stupid. What is this act? Where did it generate from? Who does it? Who needs it? As I try to explain to you my opinion, this is playing in the background.

So I am closer to the realization that everyone, at some point in their lives, has played someone stupid. Whether it was your grandma who gave you a dollar, and you told her to give you another one for your brother and you took both, whether it was your best friend and you were dating their ex, whether it was the school teacher and you claimed your dog had eaten your homework, you have played someone stupid at least once.

If someone plays you stupid, and you are smart enough to be aware of that, then be sure that you just proved two things:
1. That you are smart because you could find out you were being played stupid, and
2. That you are smarter than the person trying to play you stupid.

What make them do that?
Most of the times, the need to play someone stupid generates from either 1) the ego/pride that you think you are smarter than them so you take advantage of that and try to trick them, or 2) from the desire to feel superior and satisfy that ego.

If you read the above paragraph once, you might think that both reasons I stated are the same; they are not, but one of them leads to the other. Don’t reread it, I will explain.
You play someone stupid because you have ego issues and want to reassure to yourself that you are smart and capable of playing people stupid. This will lead to your fulfillment of this desire to feel superior and dominant. I am not sure I am explaining the difference clearly, but the first aims at proving you are smart, the second aims at proving you are strong enough to degrade someone else.

Where did it generate from? Our need to lie or to feel superior. We use this method to get away with something that we have done, or haven’t. Our chores, responsibilities, even homework and duties towards our families, friends and societies. We cannot always satisfy everyone, and at some point, our self-esteems, too, regardless of whether low or high, need a boost. We, thus, use sarcasm, which is the fastest way to make ourselves feel better, or playing someone stupid, which has a stronger effect on our self-esteem.

Do I play people stupid? No. Why not? Because I have my own ways of boosting my self-esteem and I lack that desire to feel superior, I instead have a desire to feel appreciated and respected.


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