football is provocative

So yes, tonight was the first leg of the quarter finals of the UEFA Champion’s League, and Bayern hosted Juve on their beloved Allianz Arena. They scored two goals, one in the 26th second (yes, extremely sad I know), by Alaba, and one by the talented Müller in the 63rd minute.

Why is football provocative?

Because the first goal was by total chance. Alaba shot the ball from a distance of 30 meters, Buffon went to the right side to save it. It bumps into Vidal’s foot, deviates, and Buffon goes to the other side but couldn’t manage a save. The ball’s speed wasn’t marvelous, and the shot would have been easily saved, but having Buffon getting up from the dive towards his right and managing a second dive to the other side, saving it was not physically possible.

Because the second goal was an arguable offside. Was it? Wasn’t it? I don’t know, but I saw that it was. In all cases, Buffon did his best with this one, saving it once, but then a smart move from Mandzukic came along: instead of trying to swing it above Buffon, which the latter would have been able to save, he made a clean pass to Müller who tapped it in.

Our very short dominance period was for three consecutive minutes, during which Pirlo’s free-kick landed less than a meter above the net, and Vidal stroked clean very close to the net as well. The Germans lost a very amazing opportunity in the 30th-or-so minute, played by the fascinating trio of the night Ribery-Müller-Mandzukic. Ribery was tackled harshly many times, most of those were supposed to be yellow cards or whistles… Kroos suffered an injury that will keep him off for 6 weeks at least, Robben was sent in instead in the 16th minute, and he did a good field job as usual. Giovinco and Vucinic were the substitutes we all wished weren’t. I honestly expected them to be starting off, especially that they have been showing good performance. The extra faith in Quagliarella could have been postponed, he didn’t have to be starting off. With Vidal and Lichtsteiner missing the second leg, I hope we get to show those Germans who Bianconeri truly are. Tonight’s performance was shockingly bad. I am not claiming Bayern suck, they played up to their standards, but those who played tonight are not Juventus. There were five yellow card, Mandzukic and Gustavo from Bayern, and Chiellini, Vidal and Lichtsteiner from Juve.

See you in Turin next Wednesday!


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