plan B

What’s plan A?

Remember I was writing once about prioritizing and how much I suck at it?

Could that be because I don’t really plan much?

I was thinking about it today, do I really have a plan B in case things didn’t work out well at the new job I start tomorrow? Do I have a plan B in case things didn’t work out well with my current boyfriend? Do I have a plan B in case things didn’t work out well with every other detail I am planning? But then again, am I planning or just living the moment?

I cannot really differentiate between planning and living the moment. I know what both are, but I really happen to be more of a procrastinator with my everyday life. I am not against planning at all, but I find it hard to sit, think, and decide. I am usually decisive when I am forced to be, not beforehand. I cannot always foresee outcomes, or balance between consequences to avoid bad ones that might hit. I don’t always choose what I want to drink at a coffee shop, what I want to eat at a restaurant, where I want to go tomorrow, what I want to start implementing today, which book I should continue reading tonight, where I should hang out. Is decision-making an art? Or is it a skill? Do I learn it with time?

Are the definitions above wrong?

What about mistakes? Aren’t they supposed to make life easier after they happen, as in they teach you what you should or shouldn’t be doing again? Are mistakes life lessons?

So I asked tweeps how they defined “mistakes,” and I got two answers: Lessons in disguise, and, the upside down of intuition.

Are they?


One thought on “plan B

  1. lol, i think you think too much. You cannot always have a backup plan, or you will live your life planning things. You cannot always avoid decisions, or life might decide for you. And you cannot help but make mistakes, how else will you learn?

    just putting in my two cents here… 🙂

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