it’s not an option anymore


It’s not an option anymore.

There’s no turning back when you want to achieve, pursue, chase, accomplish, succeed, advance… Turning back, slowing down, and even shifting the plan are not possible ways of dealing with this.

It’s been long since I’ve last written, and technically, one day before I started my current job. It is so time-consuming that I haven’t had the chance to think about what to write. Everything has been happening so fast I sometimes lose the ability of keeping up!

I’m still up because I cannot sleep when I’m too pressured. What’s funny this time is that a bunch of things have piled up. Actually, pretty much everything around me is irritating and in a constant state of rage. People criticize, blame, blab, back-stab, cuss, yell, fight, drip hatred… It is unbearable and I know you feel the same way too.


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