less crap

They keep telling me to ignore the whole issue and put all the personal problems behind me, but understanding how this girl functions and is still radiant is just beyond me.

The first thing I just cannot seem to grasp is how someone who writes something similar to the following claims to be a writer:
I woke up today,
Feeling blue,
I looked away,
I miss you.
I ate cake,
I wore my clothes,
They are fake,
I suppose.

How can someone claim he’s a writer (thank heavens she hasn’t said she’s a poet) when this is what they type? Anyone can rhyme, yes, anyone! Door, floor. Sink, pink. Me, we. Love, above. Wait, gate. See? Anyone! But where is the sense in calling yourself a writer if this is the outcome?

The second thing I just cannot believe is the hypocrisy. You talk to X about Y and to A about B. Then you hang out with all four. Don’t you ever wonder what X and A think when you do that? Doesn’t it ever hit you how, if possible, do they even trust you?

Saying you’re my friend, telling me how much you hate five people, then checking in with them at some pub with a comment as dumb as ‘it’s amazing seeing them after such a long time’ is the lowest level of hypocrisy I’ve yet encountered. Do you, uhmmm, invade societies and try to befriend a certain gang, till that gang senses your fishy actions, one of them being hitting on every male in that gang, and decide to ditch you? That is a lovely activity?

The third thing I can’t understand is your failure at your own ‘passion.’ You cannot possibly work at a field you haven’t studied, fail at it, and then insist on 1) being good at it and 2) finding a new job in it. Stick to what you know best. If you’re good at design and you’ve studied it but failed when you were given a social media task, for example, don’t search for a job as a community manager or a social media specialist or anything of that sort. You don’t need nine confirmations for your failure to believe that you sucked at it. Either learn it and progress, or let go and follow your real passion, not your pretentious one. Your number of followers, let’s say, isn’t a hint that you can make it as a community manager. You won’t be tweeting #NowPlaying and #ILoveRain; you’re going to be handling brands’ presence and tweeting creative content you have come up with. I’m not criticizing everyone not working in the field they majored in, I’m criticizing those who have failed in this situation and aren’t trying to learn.

And last but not least, your image. I’m not at all with the belief that all females should be all feminine with a low voice and a skirt. You can be opinionated, you have to be. You have to talk about what you believe in, like, fancy, read about, cook, anything… But you are not allowed to be vulgar, loud, rude and trashy. Adopt a decent attitude and you will see how welcoming people would become. You don’t have to be funny, or sarcastic, or a genius, you only have to be smart in what you say and how you say it. It’s for your own good.

I wish I could tell all of this to everyone I know, and to the girl I have in mind in particular. If someone gave me advice, regardless of whether I think he’s a douche or a complete fool, I listen. No one is just dumb. We’re all dumb at one thing or another and shouldn’t give advice about, but also, we’re all smart at one thing or another and should be listened to and/or given the chance to share what we know with others, and you reading this is in itself you giving me that chance to share my views about a few issues.


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