don’t blow it

Now that you’re done laughing at the title, focus.
Quick note, this is playing in the background as I write.

So you have those feelings for someone, you know? You like them. They like you back. You don’t talk it through, the other person or you will not “exist” anymore. And I don’t mean one of you dies instantly, I only mean that it will fade away from one of the sides.

I’m with dating, and NOT skipping this phase no matter what.

Never jump into conclusions, never write fairy tales, never hop on unicorns. And if you see your date doing that, have a talk. Nothing clears things better than communication. And sadly, we don’t all excel at communication.

You owe people explanation not because they ask for it, but because one of your deepest core values should be clarity.

Why hide something when saying the truth is much easier?

What are you scared of?

“In the end it will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”



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