one spark

I’ve been planning on writing for the past two weeks, and the more I hold myself back the more I find that I’m cramming ideas in my head and they’re exhausting me. What will I write about? I have no idea. Here goes a rant.

It’s very difficult to find someone you get along with. I don’t mean this in friendship terms only. I mean someone you would, at the end of the day, want to call “home.” Is clicking impossible? I don’t think so. Has it happened to me? Maybe once or twice. Did it continue? Not really. There’s more to it than simply getting along, but getting along is probably the biggest most important aspect.

I don’t think it’s about being similar to someone or different from someone. I just think that a successful relationship, of any kind, has to begin with that spark. Sparks don’t die, sparks evolve into a mutual decision and desire. The decision of being together and understanding each other and the desire to do so as well.

An example? My pleasure.
How wonderful would it be to go to a show that has all the music and lights and colors? Very. How wonderful would it be to fix your concentration on one of the characters and watch how it moves, plays, acts and reacts? Very. How wonderful would it be to text that character after the show saying “good job”? Yes, very.
But, what drove all of this? A spark.
I saw him first on stage when he was taking part in a show. I noticed how his fingers move along his favorite musical instrument. I watched his eyes dance along the melody. I observed the lights round him. The context was beautiful and maybe if I had met him randomly I wouldn’t have even looked twice. But the context was amazing. He watched me watch him. He saw me see him. He observed me observe him.
I can never let a spark like that go unnoticed, especially that I’m known for my love for magic. I could relate to a character. Was he like that in real life? That was what I intended to find out.
Days rolled by, one simple line led to instant messaging and phonecalls, followed by meeting three times.
What have I discovered? Good question.
An interactive child, an attentive adult, a talented musician and definitely a good friend. Panic mode on. Friend zoning possible.
Am I attracted to him? Yes. Did I really feel that spark off stage? Definitely. But now what?
We’re still there at this phase. We still talk everyday, even if briefly. We might end up being friends for life, we might part to strangers and we might be together; I cannot tell the future.
But, you see, my point is, you don’t simply let a spark like that go unnoticed. After you notice it, you don’t let it pass you by. You hold on to it. You watch it. You embrace it and follow it. Where will it lead? Nobody knows. But magic is there for us to notice. Magic exists for us to admire. The spell might not work, but you’ll live remembering that spark.
Following this spark, this abstract thing, is scary. But you know what’s scarier? Regret.


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