Only lately, I have been exposed to some theory that is new to me in explanation, not very new in logic.
If you haven’t read about the five languages of love, I think you should; the way they are described will help you figure out a thing or two about your relationship with others.

Visit them below:
I know that those are the sociological explanations, and I am assuming they really are the languages we speak.

If we were to discuss love, I might not be the one who can discuss matters subjectively or objectively. But I know a thing or two, and I measure my words with people I love or care about.

First things first, love isn’t scary. Love is beautiful. Your ability to feel is in itself surreal. This combination of emotions, how your senses work, how your views change, how your perspectives are altered, which chunk of your thoughts becomes shared and which chunk remains strictly yours… All the details of love are beautiful.

The language of respect is the most important to be spoken. We already are living in a time when marriage is the oddest thing a couple is doing, and yes, whether you like it or you don’t, social media is altering, not to say ruining, everything.
I have never seen two people who respect each other fail in communicating their thoughts. I have never seen a man who respects a woman choose a wrong timing to discuss a certain emotionally heavy issue with her. I have never seen a woman who respects a man decide to mistreat him or put him in uncomfortable situations. Respect is beautiful. It makes you know the right way and helps you to easily distinguish right from wrong.

Respect isn’t only politeness and manners. Respect is giving someone their space. Respect is not saying something to get it off your chest without thinking about the recipient. Respect is making someone feel loved. Respect is also taking care of your own space. Respect is also trying to understand someone’s reasons when they speak. Respect is also accepting someone who makes you feel loved. Respect is mutual.

I may know little, but I speak for myself.
Love is beautiful, and so are you.


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