my 2015

January: he proposed to me, I felt like I owned the world and the stars and the clouds. Work was fine and so was life, and 2015 looked promising.

February: him and I were searching for a house, planning our official engagement and waiting for his work permit in KSA. At work we started dealing with a big client and the projects were going smoothly.

March: mother’s day was outstanding, nothing more I can remember.

April: my best friend’s father passed away after losing a battle with cancer that started in December. I learned never to take anyone’s presence for granted; one day they’re here, the next day they’re not.

May: my niece turned one, smashing her face into a mini chocolate cake. I got promoted to team leader.

June: Ramadan meant lots of work, and Saudi clients meant campaigns, things got tougher, I started making serious plans for opening my own café. Family reunion was in Montreal, and everyone was happy.

July: I went through the toughest breakup of my life, I discovered yet again that nothing is more powerful and harder than commitment. Love isn’t enough, respect is necessary, and there are men who look like men but think and act like kids. I had three anxiety attacks in two weeks.

August: my closest cousin who lives in Australia got married to the sweetest bookworm on the planet. My birthday was a disaster because of the alcohol consumption, and my other cousin who was partying with us got poisoned and suffered through September.

September: family wins. My Australian aunt spent tons of time with us, the weather was still very hot and life was fine. I started spreading out positive notes personally and seriously.

October: I downloaded Tinder, hooked up with a sweet guy with whom I’m still going out but haven’t discussed any future matters (because we both agreed not to).

November: work went through the toughest times ever, I had a hard time putting it all together and felt like I was gonna crack under all the pressure. Dating went fine and things got smoother by the minute. I made the biggest mistake of my life by rushing the most meaningless brief friendship on earth. One anxiety attack. Two kilos added. Date got me seven pairs of socks. I adopted a kitten.

December: annual Christmas dinner at work was a good exercise. My brother came for a visit which put everything back into perspective. I learned that best friends can be over sensitive for a joke, and that they too can have a relation with your ex regardless of space and time. I got more interested in Mandala, and I learned a bit about origami too. My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. My best friend started designing the interior of her future house with her fiancé. NYE is close enough, I got a raclette. I’m waiting for papers from countries my friends are in.

Photo summarizing the year:



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