one happy note a day

On November 24, 2014, I started dating a guy and decided to write down every day one happy note about our relationship. I wrote the date of the day on a paper and wrote below it a memory of this day. I ran the habit till April even though we broke up a few months after that, in June.

I never told him about it of course, and I had totally forgotten about that because of the million events that were happening every day in my life. Between April and June, I received a promotion, I traveled to Montreal, I changed a few habits and I went through relatively harder times emotionally and physically. Probably some of those events, which were keeping me busy from writing the daily notes, contributed to the piling up of the catastrophes, which led to the breakup, and probably not. In late June I was single and the notes were forgotten.

This morning, I decided to wear my grey jacket to work for a reason as silly as I did not want to wear the black one or the brown one. I stormed out of the house and left to work. Halfway through my coffee at my desk, I tapped my hand on the pocket of the jacket to check my phone, and papers rattled. I took out a bunch, and sat calmly reading and smiling. They had the below and much more:

  • I named his bike, he let me name his bike!
  • We had dinner were we first met three years ago as complete strangers!
  • Took a lunch break with him, I had never seen light during lunchtime before.
  • Long walk down our street
  • I blew bubbles while he drove
  • Met his family, HBR 20000
  • We started the habit of him reading to me, first night was tonight
  • Four months, wow time flies
  • Heavy rainfall, his brother came back to Leb
  • He met my colleagues, not sure he was ecstatic!
  • Discussed his career abroad for the first time ever
  • He wrote a list of all his relatives, they’re a clan
  • The day he proposed
  • He got a haircut, I got one too
  • We finished the first book together

I smiled again when I finished skimming through the notes.


Keeping memories of nice times is a treasure, regardless of what those memories end up feeling and seeming later on.

My notes are now in the shredder and that phase of my life is over. Hang on to what makes you happy and let go of what makes you otherwise.



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