where my heart went

I never intended to write about this specific guy I have dated because it was brief, shocking and nothing close to a good experience for me, especially that we’re on very bad terms.

He got me once a squeezable heart to release stress. I took this heart with me around and named the folder on my desktop “where my heart goes.” I just came across this folder, and in it is the word document that he attached to me on November 30, 2012, the day – and way – he broke up with me. Yes, through a Microsoft Word document that he wrote at 3AM.

The funniest line was “Farewell little one, I love you and always will.”

The best line was “I’ve learned a lot from you, I know you’ve had amazing impact on my life and my lifestyle and even my way of thinking… You’re the toughest girl I’ve ever known and I’ve never meant anything more in life… I envy you… Stay who you are, but smile at everything that comes at you.”

And we’re strangers again.


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