– Find your motivation from within!
– I know. I’m trying.
– You always did, what’s so difficult this time?
– That I’m not alone in this.

And the more we like to pretend that our mood doesn’t affect the closest people to us, the more we discover how big of a lie it is. I know from myself, when I am down, I try to hide it because I don’t like the general vibe of the feeling. I like to see myself as energetic, as vivid and alive. The moment I don’t feel like that, I try to avoid direct contact with people. I know that it is time to rest and read or write, till I revive and get back on track.

I know I’ve written about this before, and I know I constantly think about this, how motivation should come from within and how difficult this is considering the different characters each one has. Sometimes someone asks me how I do it, and I really don’t know the answer. I mean, I think happy thoughts. This is the silly and hard trick.

We can easily think of how much is going wrong and try to identify the reasons something isn’t just working out. But when something is beautiful, we rarely stop, ponder, and give this beautiful thing the value it deserves. No one is asking you to overthink anything. I’m asking you to think it through.

In case you forgot about that vacation you wished to take, or that awesome article you saved but never got back, I don’t see a reason you shouldn’t be working on those, too.

I can give you endless examples of friends of mine who are working on side projects that are a result of a hobby, sport, or need for cash. Regardless your motive, a lot can be done after you exit the 9-6 job you’re trapped in and most probably unhappy about. I have friends who draw and sell their paintings, friends who watch movies and blog their reviews, friends who dress, snap, upload and gather feedback, friends who started baby projects online, friends who opened a bar, friends who are tutors, friends who are DJs, friends who jog, who train and who escape to nature or travel whenever they can. Don’t tell me it’s impossible. Just be happy.

“As long as you have love in your heart, you can never be lost.”




One thought on “revive

  1. I have always underestimated the power of words until I read yours. Keep on giving souls to these letters… 🙂

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