my favorite Instagram accounts

I’m a huge fan of Instagram; I don’t just love the app, I also love their own Instagram account and their Weekend Hashtag Projects (a.k.a WHP if you’re Insta-savvy). It’s the app that uses my data the most, and I am not ashamed or regretful; it took me a while though to jump from Snapchat – where it is a burden to follow people without any social links from any other app, which I understand is easier because of the Facebook Instagram relationship that dates back to 2012.

When I am scrolling through my timeline, here are the 14 accounts that always capture my attention, with my – almost – favorite photo from each.

  1. Symmetry Breakfast which is too gorgeous to eat!
  2. Haya is Reading where the name says it all.
  3. Rani The First who is not a photographer but better than most of them.
  4. ibird art which is the cutest and most creative sketch of the most talented human I know.
  5. Beau Taplin whose quotes hit right where it hurts (in the heart, for the funny ones out there…)
  6. Movement Watches for Women with the most beautiful captures of their watches.
  7. Playground Tattoo for all her tiny and super gorgeous tattoos.
  8. The Manki whose motivation is a killer (warning: he runs).
  9. Best Vacations. No explanation needed.
  10. Father of Daughters because he has four and he is the funniest dad out there.
  11. Coffee Cups of the World which has brilliant creations!
  12. Stance Socks because they’re always super amazing and I’m always super jealous.
  13. The Knot and the cheesiest though cutest wedding photos – awesome ideas for centerpieces and themes, too.
  14. The Bucket List Family whose members just travel around the world…
  15. The Yellow Socks. It’s me. Yey!

PS: If you noticed I did say the 14 accounts that capture my attention because the 15th would be unfair to be among them – it’s my own!


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