one year older

Everyone loves you for their benefit except family; they’re the only ones who love you unconditionally.

You can’t trust people because they are close to you; some of them are now strangers wandering with your secrets in their pockets.

Whoever calls you bro will not necessarily defend you or prefer you over their real brothers and sisters. Again, only family loves unconditionally.

Your dreams are yours only, no one will accomplish them for you except yourself.

Every day, you are one day closer to your dreams but also to death. Be realistic about death, it’s our inevitable end.

Everything can end in the blink of an eye; your reputation is the only thing that will live after you’re gone.

Sympathize with the ill, but learn the lesson that you shouldn’t only express your true feelings when someone else is obviously vulnerable or emotional.

Express love every day.

Kindness makes every single human being prettier, and if you’re not kind, eventually your friends will leave too.

Practice being genuine. In your opinions, in your talks, in the way you discuss things. There is always a nice way to say the truth of what you think.

Stereotyping is bad, and so is racism, and you will never know it unless someone discriminates against you. Don’t despise people because of their nationality, sexuality, race, accent or even beliefs.

Complaining is never the ideal thing to do. You either take action or you don’t. Complaining doesn’t solve it, it only makes you look less mature about the reality of things.

It’s you who gives your life meaning. If you feel like your life is meaningless, you are obviously doing it wrong.

Make one person happy everyday. Life isn’t a movie, you need to have a plan.

Everything is valuable because everything ends. Hang on to the present moment.


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