on love – part 1

How do you fall in love?

One day you’re involved in your daily routine, then someone suddenly shows up to tell you that they’re actually attracted to your broken pieces, that they continue your sentences and that they care about the real you and not the version of yourself that you put up for everyone to see.
That someone opens your eyes to something you’ve been missing out on for so long, and you can instantly tell because we’re all familiar with one form of deprivation or the other. That someone holds your hand and traces your fingers like each one of them is a being on its own, reminding you that so much blood is running in the veins of your palm. That someone looks at you like you’re magic, and like you’re their sanity; like they have no idea what they would do without you even though they were only surviving without you for their whole life. That someone finds meaning in what you say, memorizes how you like your coffee and which biscuit brand is your favorite, even though to you that may be the shallowest thing on earth to store in your memory. That someone reaches out to you, and only to you, because they trust you, suddenly, and fully, with their life.
That someone is right there, and that is my story with him.

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